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Image recognition (IAS)

Our Customer is a company operating a large Social Network. Their pain point is how to control the image/ video that users upload everyday. All violent, mature and improper content must be blocked and deleted as soon as possible. Using manpower to do the job would be very time-consuming & ineffective. That’s why the Customer relied on NTQ to take the burden off of their shoulder.

NTQ has developed an Image Approval System (IAS), with the technical specification as below:

  • Using Deep Learning Algorithms to classify images & videos. The System has to learn about 100.000 photos to understand the specific rules.
  • Using Natural Language to classify text content.
  • AI engine & API service are built on Python 3.

IAS can monitor and filter live video & photo content. The result is remarkable:

  • Accuracy Rate: 98%
  • Productivity: +400%
  • Application: IAS can also be customized for other sectors such as: detecting errors in the production line, detecting traffic jams...etc.

AI Camera NTeyeQ

How to measure the number of visitors entering a shop, a building or a company? How to know your customers by classifying them into gender group, age group or preferences? How to optimize your sales conversion, or improve your security level? These questions are really common, not only in retail sectors, but also in banking, advertising, factory...etc. To target this problem, NTQ has developed a system for traffic counters: iTracking

iTracking provide the following features:

  • Counting the number of people entering, exiting and passing by stores/buildings.
  • Discovering peak/off peak hours.
  • Identifying average time in-store and heatmap.
  • Identifying old, new, loyal or VIP customers.
  • Classifying customers by age and gender.
  • Integrating iTracking with other POS and Sales Management Systems to calculate sales conversion rate.

  • Accuracy Rate: 99.5%
  • Processing time: 0.5sec
  • Installing time: less than 4 weeks.
  • Application: customizable for companies for employee scheduling and time tracking.
AI Recommendation

The Covid pandemic has changed our attitude towards the meatspace, and stimulated online shopping. For e-shop owners, the question is how to increase the sales conversion rate. Visitors have a lot of choices in the digital world, and helping them to quickly find their perfect items is the best way to secure their purchases. However, how to predict their preferences quickly just after some clicks?

NTQ and its partner has developed an AI Recommendation Solution, which uses Deep Learning to learn onsite behaviors via streams of clicks in real time and returns most relevant recommendations.


  • Quick adapt to the change of visitor’s preference.
  • End-to-end learning from raw data
  • Real-time recommendation.
  • No or very little of data engineering.

Our solution has been used by many e-commerce sites, and has proven its effectiveness:

  • Average time spent on sites: + 200%
  • Revenue: +61.83%
  • Ecommerce Conversion rate: +100%

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