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Earliest banking/finance history began in the ancient time of mankind with metallic currency, then paper currency and finally, led to digital currency. Nowadays, due to technology development, the sector has evolved drastically. To keep track with the fast moving world and satisfy demanding clients, businesses need to renew themselves everyday. But without consultation & advice, everyone can easily get lost in the matrix.

NTQ has significant experience in the field of BFSI, and has served various customers worldwide. We offer custom software development & consulting services to power our customers at every stage of their product development:

Custom BFSI Software Development
Integration with third-party systems
Technology Consulting
Dedicated Team & Staff Augmentation
Specific BFSI Software
Sales/Partner Portal
BFSI is the pioneer sector in applying technology. Users are very familiar with banking/finance portals which allow them to proceed transactions/ demands in just a few clicks.
Chatbot is common for every website and helps strengthen customer service. It can interact & respond to visitors very quickly, and improve their overall experience.
We have various experience in IT Migration and Testing process in BFSI sector.
Custom Mobile App
Nowadays, everyone is going mobile. Service has become more rapid, more flexible & more convenient than ever. NTQ has experience in building various mobile applications for the BFSI sector.
Payment Gateway
Payment gateway facilitates payment transaction by the transfer of information between payment portal (web, mobile) & payment processor. With the development of E-commerce, it now becomes essential & widespread.
eKYC Solution
Electronic Know your Client or e-KYC is the way of resident authentication used by organizations . It has been applied worldwide to curb identity theft, frauds and money laundering. It now becomes an important feature for the BFSI sector.
eWallet is a secure & online wallet which stores a person’s payment information. Its utility is the same as a credit or debit card. E-Wallet has become a global trend used by millions of consumers.
Peer-to-Peer lending
P2P lending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals. NTQ has experience in building “social lending platforms”- which can provide various benefits to users.
Expense Tracker
We often hear complaints like: “I have no money” or “Where did my money go?”. For those who are always over budget, NTQ recommends & builds “expense tracker app” - which is a great idea to control the cash flow & save money.
Crypto Currency
NTQ has knowledge in building Crypto currency trading platform
What really matter in BFSI sector
Regulatory Compliance
BFSI is a complex field with a great deal of regulations, rules and standards. Consequently, compliance risk becomes one of the biggest concerns, and failing to comply can have bad impact on brand’s reputation. That’s why, your Solution providers must have knowledge in the sector, to design/tailor a solution following the right process.
Cyber threats, including identity/data thefts can disrupt IT systems of any organization & hack critical information. That’s why, Security has become important in general, and vital in the BFSI field in particular. Every organization should prevent this risk by safeguarding their IT Infrastructures.
Customer Retention
Concurrence in BFSI sector is very rough. In general, the key to earn loyalty is all about Customer experience. It’s important to tailor a system which is user-friendly, and at the same time, cover all customers' demands.
Technology evolution
The world is evolving with various new technologies such as Big Data, AI and Blockchain. It is undeniable that these trends can provide many benefits to the BFSI sector. To keep up with the trend & concurrents, it’s important to learn continuously, and adjust your IT system gradually.
Why NTQ?
Strong expertise in BFSI sector
Wide-spectrum technology expertise
Agile/Scrum Methodologies
Onsite/Offshore Model with strong IT experts
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