1. Thanks 21- an honoring ceremony for NTQ's employees & departments

On the evening of 9th March, NTQ has organized a ceremony to honor the best employees & departments who have contributed to the development of the company during the previous year. Due to the Covid situation, it was held mostly online, where all NTQers can watch and interact directly with the organizers.

2020 was a difficult year, marked with the worst pandemic in decades, and caused a lot of obstacles to worldwide business in general and NTQ in particular. However, where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. Thanks to the contribution of all NTQers, 2020 was closed with good business results and new success. Thanks 21 is a perfect occasion to honor the bravery, creativity, and teamwork of outstanding employees and departments- without whom, NTQ cannot fly into the future.

NTQ solution thanks21

2. Enkomm webinar

In order to promote Enkomm, NTQ Japan has organized a webinar on April 1st, to introduce the product to Japanese customers. The event was held by Mr. Edatsune Isao- Manager of the Business planning department.

Enkomm is an internal communication platform that increases productivity and speeds up the decision-making process of businesses. Enkomm provides a professional communication environment, helping users work effectively with many convenient features:

- 5-in-1 platform: chat, email, video call, file manager, task manager & calendar;

- Seamless communication via web version or mobile app.

- Manage all chat content

- High security level

enkomm webinar.png

3. NTQ Solution joined Japan IT Week Spring 2021

From April 26th to 28th, NTQ Japan will participate in the Japan IT Week Spring 2021. This is the largest exhibition specializing in all kinds of IT solutions, products and services in Japan, which is expected to attract more than 500 companies and 50,000 attendees. On this occasion, NTQ Japan shall display & introduce many high-tech solutions such as AI, chatbot, enterprise communication solution, migration solution etc…

NTQ Solution joined Japan IT Week Spring 2021

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