On September 10th, NTQ was honored to be one of the 10 leading IT companies in Vietnam. It is the second year that NTQ has received this valuable award for its outstanding achievements in the development and contribution process to the technology field of Vietnam.

Into the “new normal” stage after a historically unprecedented pandemic, all companies have met many obstacles and needed to find new solutions to adapt to the new context. It is the limitation of the working method because of social distancing, human resources because employees got Covid, discussing and corporating because of restricted transportation, and costs by Covid’s affection two years before.

However, overcoming difficulties, NTQ has consistently worked hard to invest, develop, strengthen the foundation, and deeply research the most advanced technologies like AI, Blockchain, and Cloud computing to create “World-class” products and “wow” services. Therefore, NTQ will help customers transform digitally faster and easier and create more sustainable values for them to win the target of being a 4.0 global SI company.

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