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Client’s Location:

  • Japan

About Client

As a leading Japanese IT solutions provider, our client stands at the forefront of providing innovative products and solutions for businesses in various sectors, including lodging facilities, restaurants, beauty salons, travel, experiences, and transportation. With a vast network comprising more than 500 client stores, 300 hotels, and millions of users, the client envisions a future where they continue to identify and address challenges in the industry. Their goal is to enhance the service sector's global impact, creating unforgettable experiences for people around the world.

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The Requirements

The client's ambitious vision demanded a robust technological infrastructure. Our client envisioned the development of applications tailored for beauty salons, hotels, and take-out & delivery services. A robust infrastructure, with a sprawling network of stores and consumers worldwide, was essential.

The prerequisite was to employ AWS as the underlying infrastructure. In pursuit of excellence, our client sought a Cloud Managed Service partner capable of developing these applications on a highly scalable, compliant, and private cloud network.

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The Solution

NTQ Solution, equipped with a team of highly skilled professionals, stepped in to support the client's rapid cloud build. Our team worked in synergy with the client, providing a comprehensive managed cloud offering. This encompassed incident management, patching, and on-demand cloud architecture services tailored to the AWS environment.

The vigilant NTQ team assumed responsibility for monitoring and promptly addressing client alarms and incidents. Furthermore, we proactively engaged in preventive operational activities to mitigate potential issues before they could disrupt operations.

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Tech Stack


The Results

The partnership between the client and NTQ Solution proved to be a resounding success. With NTQ's expertise in cloud solutions, our client was able to accelerate their global expansion efforts. The applications seamlessly connected a vast network of stores and end-consumers, providing enhanced experiences. The AWS infrastructure, meticulously managed by NTQ, ensured unparalleled scalability, compliance, and security.

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