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ICT has transformed every paper-based system into digitized structure. Following this trend, the Healthcare industry was also modernized & received massive investment during these recent years.

However, every field has its own challenges. Medical professionals are struggling with rigorous internal processes, HIPAA/GDPR compliance, information transparency, better service quality for patients...etc.

At NTQ, our experts have been working alongside healthcare companies, to provide various IT solutions. We can detect customers' needs quickly and suggest appropriate technology options. Our services consist of:

Custom Healthcare Software Development
Integration With Third-party Systems
Technology Consulting
Dedicated Team & Staff Augmentation
Specific healthcare software
Virtual marketplace for Doctor and Patient
We build marketplace to help patients quickly find & connect with doctors. During & after the pandemic of Covid 19, this app is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. It is also very convenient for early consultation and treatment.
Appointment booking solution
Managing schedule with patients can be a headache, especially when doctors have to slot in emergency bookings, reschedule someone on short notice, or cut losses for no-shows. Why do it manually when you can get an appointment scheduling apps?
Medical record system (EHR/EMR)
We build EHR/EMR that allow clinicians to track patients data over time and monitor overall quality of care within the practices.
Project management system for omron
Clinic management system
We have experience in building practice management software to control all aspects of medical clinic’s operations such as medical, accounting, administration, legal..etc.
Patient management system
Our experts can improve patients experience by developing an entire system of care which allows clinics to manage service flow. By synchronizing the system with health tracking devices, professionals can also collect medical information, to use in diagnosis or treatment.
health calculator with healthkit
Health calculator apps can be integrated with other health kits, to measure Calorie, Body Fat, BMR, BMI Index, Protein, Ovulation...etc.
Diet and training application
We have experience in building various apps which can help people to lose weight, gain muscle or exercise more consistently. These apps can set specific goals, follow-up constantly and also, provide great advice on nutrition.
Pill reminder medication
Many people complain that they forget to take their pills all the time. That’s why it's convenient to have a reminder app, to help manage various medications.
Workout application
We build ideal apps for introverts & lazy people who want to work out but are not motivated enough to go to the gym. Generally, the apps will work as Personal Trainer and provide various exercises ideas.
What really matter in e health
Quality of care
In the end, what really matters in e Health is Patient experience. Technology has the ability to turn patients into active caretakers/change agents in their own health & well-being, instead of listeners who only wait for doctors dictations. It keeps information transparent and offers better service to them.
Effective Medical Management
Medical professionals in general are always overloaded by a great deal of work. That’s why, it’s important to make the workflow more efficient, to optimize their effort by offering better tools & supports.
Industry Standards
There are various standards in the field, such as data exchange standards (HL7, FHIR), medical images (DICOM, PACS), clinical document architecture (C-CDA). It’s important to find a consulting having experience & strong expertise in the field.
Security Standards Compliances
One of the most important questions is how to protect patients data? That’s the reason why Governments all around the world have designed standards such as HiPAA or GDPR. eHealth software must comply with all these Security standards, in order to avoid information leakages.
NTQ strength
Diverse technology stack experience & deep knowledge in Healthcare
10 years of experience in Software Development
Industry Standard compliance.
Full-cycle software product development.
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