Why using IoT?
Increase Productivity & Efficiency
Improve control of operation process
Reduce Operational Cost
Case study
Wifi IoT devices

Our customer requests to build a device that can be integrated with sensors and can send/receive data to/from the server via Wifi. The device can be used in various sectors, such as in factories or for agriculture purposes. It can collect data relating to temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions in real-time, and send them back to the system.

Based on Customer’s requirements, NTQ has defined the specification, and built both software and hardware of the device. It can be customizable, and has many applications in real life.

Receptionist Robot

Clients coming to our office, will meet our Receptionist Robot. Wearing a traditional Vietnamese robe, and having a cute anime face, she is the third child of our R&D department after a long period of research. Before her, other prototypes were built and one of her sisters was delivered to a hotel in Tokyo.

Our receptionist robot can guide customers from point A to point B in the office. Integrated with thermal & ultrasonic obstacle sensors, she can move safely, without hitting anything. The robot can also recognize and record human faces. She will pivot her screen toward visitors to display information or advertisements.

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