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“AI Will Become The Critical Pillar In Digital Transformation Strategy”

That is how NTQ Solution’s CEO, Mr. Pham Thai Son, evaluated the potential of AI during his presentation at the ASOCIO Digital Summit 2023. In his 20-minute presentation, Mr. Pham Thai Son addressed how AI surpasses the boundaries of a trend to become an integral component in digital transformation.

NTQ Korea Coffee Talk – A Successful Approach to E-commerce Development

With the rise of online shopping trends, E-commerce in Korea has been considered one of the most competitive industries, soon becoming the standard for some sectors such as retail & consumer goods. However, many companies are struggling to find an optimal approach to develop efficient E-commerce channels. As a result, they start to seek service providers & consultations to achieve an effective investment. 

What Do NTQ Solution Leaders Say About The European Market?

The introduction of NTQ Solution to the European market is part of the plan planned by the Company’s Board of Directors. European businesses is actively seeking and developing business in Asia. With the rising need for digital transformation, partners are also looking for resources with optimal costs, we believe now is the time for NTQ Solution to conquer this potential market.