Cloudstep Calendar

A well-organized schedule is crucial for any business owners, freelancers or employees in order to know where you need to be and what you need to be doing. Google calendar has become very popular in today’s society, but one solution can never fit all. That’s why NTQ is requested to build Cloudstep Calendar- a customized solution to target businesses specific requirements. The product is an ideal tool to track and share activities, events, schedules and can also be synchronized with other tools & systems.

  • Login: using Google account or Cloudstep account to login
  • Organization: Create and manage a collaborative calendar across the organization
  • Integration with Google Calendar: synchronize bilaterally all events with Google Calendar
  • View: Display users, events and to do list by day, by week or by month.
  • Filters: Filter user by multiple criteria (organizational, role...)
  • Holiday schedule: Create vacation for organizational groups, link to national holidays of international countries, set days for vacations per group.
  • Management: Manage users, tasks, events, calendars
  • Send mail: send mail to users to invite them to a specific event.

Java, NodeJS, nginx, Jetty

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