The health technology scene is very hot in Indonesia, but coming with complex business models. Moreover, booking a doctor is still very manual and hassle, done via telephone call or sometimes SMS, no guarantee. It is not very comfortable for patients. Our goal is to create Fazzdoc to be the 1st choice of users whenever they need to visit the doctor, plus book the doctor with the simplest and easiest way. Other than that, we need to supply the most complete and helpful information related to the doctor and hospital.

  • Search and return doctors, medical facility and specialties matching the key word
  • User books an appointment with a doctor.
  • User and the hospital receive an email for successful booking
  • When the initial booking is modified by the doctor/hospital and other doctors/timeslot are suggested, user can select one of the suggestion to update the booking
  • User can cancel a booking as long as it is not Completed or Cancelled

NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, NESTJS, GraphQL

Healthcare Booking
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