Project Mixcare

Mixcare is designed specifically for an insurance enterprise in Hong Kong. The idea is to enhance customers experience by making information as transparent as possible. The insurees can easily create an account and start tracking their insurance information such as medical cards, healthcare records, doctor management, product lists, payment received…The application is expected to simplify medical records management and improve the quality of care given.

  • Verification account
  • View medical card
  • Find doctor
  • View promotion list
  • View product list
  • Biometric login
  • Customer management
  • Plan management
  • Doctor management
  • User management
  • Programming language: Mobile App: Typescript, API: Typescript, Web Admin: Typescript
  • Frameworks/Platforms: Mobile: React Native 0.63, API: NestJS v7, Web Admin: ReactJS 16.14.0
Insurance Service
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