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Travel: Covid has hit the Travel industry heavily. However, an unfortunate event might sometimes be a hidden chance to revolutionize things. Applying technology to your daily work may be a solution while applying more technology may be an innovation. If you look at things differently, you will see plenty of underlying opportunity. Just tell us your idea, we will tell you how to materialize it.

Logistic: We live in a world of consumption, where billions of things were consumed everyday. The Covid may lockdown people, but not goods which- just like blood- must flow freely. That’s the reason why logistics has become so important for our daily life. If you are searching for a reliable IT Outsourcing partner, let us advise & help you.

What we can provides:

Custom Application Development
Integration with third-party systems
Technology Consulting
Dedicated Team & Staff Augmentation
NTQ services
GPS Tracking
Vehicle tracking system is a simple, convenient & effective way to take better control of the fleet. It can help business owners locate their vehicles easily, reduce fuel cost, optimize travel route, prevent risks, and receive information in real time.
Fleet Management
Any business that incorporates vehicles for use, requires some form of professional fleet management. This app can help control the whole process from vehicle acquisition, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, compliances requirements, costs management to asset liquidation.
Scooter Sharing App
Scooter sharing is a flexible mobility and has been encouraged over the last couple years, in big cities. It is a convenient solution to ease urban congestion, solve parking problems & reduce CO2 emission. After the success of various sharing apps, why not build another one?
Container Management
It’s not easy to manage pallets & containers. Some locations have too many while others require more. Understanding the big picture & having the right tool/process is the best solution to ease the pain point. Let us help you in building an effective management solution.
Car booking application
In the last decenny, people are becoming familiar with Uber & Grab. Their successful stories also inspire other companies to develop the same apps. Even though the concept is no longer novel, it is still profitable & works well.
Warehouse management
Warehouse management is a day to day operation, which controls your whole inventory process from receiving, storing, shipping and picking of goods. The market provides a great deal of application, but one size never fits all. That's why, you should consider building your own app to solve your own inventory issues.
Hotel Booking Integration
Hotel booking is a pretty common application that you can easily find anywhere. It provides an easy & excellent whole world option to the customers.
Tour Booking
A good tour booking application can add value to your business with various services. It can lower your workload, save money & time and increase booking with excellent customer service.
What really matters
Navigation & Geolocation
Navigation & maps are essential for travel & logistics apps. This feature is implemented using geolocation technology - which is considered to be one of the features making life much more convenient. GPS module is important to identify location, detect movement & measure the distance between objects.
User friendly
For B2C business, it’s crucial to adopt a user-centered approach for application development that gives emphasis to the needs of target users. A well designed & easy-to-use app will retain customers, increase satisfaction & reduce support costs.
Keep up with Technology Evolution
The world is evolving with various new technologies such as Big Data, AI and Blockchain. It is undeniable that these trends can provide many benefits to businesses & end-users. To provide better services, it’s important to learn continuously, and adjust application gradually.
NTQ Strengths
Strong expertise in Travel & Logistics apps with 60+ projects
Wide-spectrum technology expertise
Agile/Scrum Methodologies
Onsite/Offshore Model with strong IT experts
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