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27 Jul 2022

Trung Dao

27 Jul 2022

Lately, NTQ Solution signed a contract to deploy a simulation project related to construction machinery with S*** – a Korean company specializing in developing VR Tech products in the construction field and providing products for Korean Defense Ministry and vocational training centers.

What is the project about?

Generally, a simulation system for construction machinery operation training (first is the excavator) has many parts to complete, such as the steering wheel incorporating the control buttons system, the 3D modeling machine components, the machine body operation, and the dynamics simulation. 

In this project, NTQ Solution is responsible for dynamics simulation for interactive activities between excavator and land on all terrain and ensuring real-time is similar to the excavator’s practical operation: Shovel – Move – Pour. 

It’s challenging because various soil and terrain can create many numeric variables. It also has the highest complexity, using the DEM dynamics simulation technique based on the leading technologies ANSYS and Unity.

According to our study, NTQ Solution is now the only Vietnamese company that can deliver a solution for this problem, accommodating complex technical demands due to our high-quality engineers. None of the companies in Vietnam, even those specializing in developing products and outsourcing projects in VR, Simulation, Animation/Games, can perform this project because it requires the complexity of in-depth simulation too much.

The possibility of deploying products using the complex simulation technique and signing the contract with S*** Corporation proved NTQ’s position and professional capacity as one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam. We constantly study the most advanced technologies to step into the world, ready to compete with other worldwide companies.

Which benefits does the project deliver?

By accomplishing this project, NTQ Solution will help provide an Excavator Operation Training Simulation System to the Korean market, then help train employees in the Construction field. The system doesn’t only help the learners practice all manipulations precisely as with the real machine in real-time, but also be acquainted with any terrain and soil conditions, then increase maximum productivity. It also helps ensure safety and saves costs. Therefore, they can train high-quality human resources in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

On the other hand, this project will help the customer save time and resources to complete the product with the highest quality and bring the product to the market soonest. Then, it will help increase the customer’s business expansion chance in the Korean market and strengthen their position. 

About NTQ Solution, this is one of our critical projects because it uses Simulation techniques, especially in-depth dynamics simulation. Many developed countries focus on developing Simulation as an industry and apply this technique widely in various fields, including Manufacturing, Life Science, Construction & Heavy Industry. Deploying this project successfully will open many profound cooperation opportunities for NTQ with large global companies.