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UI/UX Services

Top-notch UI/UX design services create best-in-class digital interfaces and experiences to help businesses succeed in today’s digital world.

UI/UX Services

Top-notch UI/UX design services create best-in-class digital interfaces and experiences to help businesses succeed in today’s digital world.

NTQ UI/UX Services

We offer comprehensive UI/UX design services to power your customer experience, satisfaction, loyalty, and boost revenue rapidly.

Digital Product Design

    We put efforts into fully comprehending your company’s needs and target audience to produce distinctive, user-centric, and revenue-driven digital product design
  • Market & User Research
  • Product Strategy and Road Mapping
  • UX/UI Design
  • UX Writing
  • Design Systems
  • User Testing
  • Analytics & Optimization

Website Design

    We work wholeheartedly to accompany you with a stunning, seamless, and responsive website design from A to Z services
  • Market & User Research
  • Website Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Development & Testing
  • Launch & Maintenances

NTQ UI/UX Design Services

We follow a logical and transparent process to execute your project with the highest level of quality and within the allotted time.


Discovery & Define

Collect customer requirements, combine research & business insights & project goals to identify and clearly define problems and opportunities.
Gather direction and insights from business sponsors and stakeholders.

Outputs: Design direction, User journey map, Feature listing, User research report, Design concepts, Moodboard, etc


Engage in an iterative trial-and-error approach to help generate unique concepts, ideas, and solutions for each project.
Clients have a major say in this step to guarantee that the result constantly aligns with company objectives.

Outputs: UX Design (Information Architecture, Wireframes); UI Design; Design Systems; Prototype

Test & Iterate

Test prototypes with real users. Make immediate improvements based on feedback.
Create a backlog of longer-term enhancements.

Outputs: Feedback form, Refined versions of products.


Designers and developers make the vision real.
Measure, analyze, and continuously define new improvement opportunities based on usage and feedback.

Outputs: Final products.

Our UI/UX Design Mindset

Our orientations are calculated to be able to satisfy user needs while maintaining and optimizing aesthetics, qualities, and experience.

User-Centric Approach

Use a people-focused approach as the basis for developing successful products to market.

User’s Behavior

Conduct research and report on how users interact and then tailor the product design to the user.

Data-driven Design

Do user research, collect and analyze data about customers’ behavior and attitude to improve experience design.

Emotional Perception

Analyze the user behavior and the emotions they have while using the product, and reflect it on the design.

Technologies And


  • HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, VueJS, React Native, Ionic, BackboneJS, AngularJS, jQuery
  • Tool

    Why Choose Us?

    Our service value is all about leveraging your business performance with the help of optimal UI/UX Solutions!

    Creative and enthusiastic team

    Over 14 years, our wide-ranging experts have worked on hundred UI/UI design projects for various industries, including Banking, Finance, eCommerce, Sports, etc. Therefore, we are confident in our depth of understanding and abilities to turn your ideas into impressive results.

    User-Centric Experience

    Maximize Brand Performance

    Discover Success Stories From Our Customers

    With customer-centric principle, NTQ Solution is committed to thriving and bringing the best results for our clients across all industries.

    MB Ageas Life - Website

    Client:MB Ageas Life - Website
    Service:UX Research Mobile First and Responsive Design

    AIA HongKong

    Client:AIA Hong Kong
    Service:Wireframe & Interactive
    UI & Interaction Design

    Pets On Tapp

    Client:Pets On Tapp
    Service:Wireframe & Interactive
    UI & Interaction Design

    MB Ageas Life - Mini Portal (MB App)

    Client:MB Ageas Life - Mini Portal (MB App)
    Service:UX Research
    Wireframe & Interactive
    UI & Interaction Design
    Rapid and Interactive Protoptying

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