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13 Mar 2024

T Dao

13 Mar 2024

NTQ-ers worldwide have had a festive month of celebrating Lunar New Year. With a shared determination, all members are committed to seizing new opportunities and achieving the set goals for this year. This commitment has swiftly materialized with the achievements in the past month. 

Let’s immerse ourselves in this atmosphere at NTQ Solution through the following highlights!

NTQ Solution introduced NxDev – One of the first AI Assistants for Developers in Vietnam!

Recently, NTQ Solution has successfully introduced NxDev – An exclusive AI Assistant for NTQ Solution’s Developers. NxDev is one of the pioneering tools in Vietnam with the capability to handle specialized IT project tasks with the help of Generative AI.

The introduction of NxDev is expected to bring a massive boost to overall productivity, contributing to leverage service expertise & quality. Some corporations in Japan, Korea, and Europe have expressed interest in NxDev and are eager to collaborate with NTQ Solution to develop the same applications for their practices.

NTQ-ers Celebrated Lunar New Year, Ready For The New Opportunities! 

The month of February was covered with the festive atmosphere of the Tet holiday. Not just in Vietnam, NTQ members across the globe celebrated New Year through a bunch of activities, from decorating offices and making traditional dishes to sending the best wishes to each other. 

These cozy, meaningful moments with the warmest messages energized our members to kickstart the new year with prosperity. Continuing the success of 2023, NTQ Solution is pursuing the key goal “Beyond Global”, aiming towards a stronger commitment to deliver state-of-the-art IT solutions with outstanding values to businesses worldwide.  

NTQ Hong Kong’s experience at Verint APAC Engage 2024 – One of the region’s largest CX Technology conferences 

Last month, NTQ Hong Kong’s team joined Verint APAC Engage 2024, one of the region’s largest conferences on the topic of Contact Centre and Customer Experience (CX) professionals hosted in Phuket, Thailand.

The event was filled with insightful knowledge on exploring the power of technology, data analytics in generating an excellent customer journey, and specific case studies from the top-notch players in the industry. Through conversations with Verint’s specialists and business leaders/specialists across APAC regions, the team had opportunities to exchange insightful knowledge in the field of CX Technology, while discussing the opportunities for future collaboration in the APAC region.

NTQ Japan Provides A Successful Human Resource Solution for a Top-tier Japanese Company

In addition to IT services, NTQ Japan is also partnering with many companies and corporations in Japan to provide human resource solutions. Although it has only been implemented briefly, NTQ Japan’s service has already yielded positive results.

In February, NTQ Japan successfully collaborated with a major conglomerate in Japan. With dedication and a deep understanding of the industry, NTQ Japan’s team has proposed many useful solutions to help clients enhance the quality of their human resources and meet existing strategies.

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