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16 Jan 2024

T Dao

16 Jan 2024

At NTQ Korea, everyone’s first impression of Hyun Na Bae is of a graceful and gentle young lady. But behind the charming, Ms. Bae is currently a wonder woman of NTQ Korea. Having been with NTQ Solution for 2 years, Bae loves the working environment because of her teammates’ enthusiasm and commitment to clients. Let’s explore the differences in the multinational working environment at NTQ through Hyun Na Bae’s sights.

The Korean girl fell in love with NTQ because of its dedicated spirit towards customers.

Ms. Bae had known about NTQ for a long time and had been inspired by the image of a resilient and promising technological company. That is why, when she saw the recruiting announcement, she decided to submit her CV to become a member of NTQ Korea.

“During the application process, I had the opportunity to meet and be impressed by Mr. Son (CEO of NTQ Solution). He is a visionary with a broad outlook who makes the other person feel close and sincere. That’s why I love and want to be a part of this company even more,” Bae recalled.

During her work, her colleagues and the environment at NTQ made Ms. Bae love the company even more. Koreans’ working styles necessitate clarity, precision, and multiple evaluations to avoid large deviations from the plan. As a result, being a trustworthy partner for huge organizations in Korea is far from easy. NTQ Solution, on the other hand, overcomes these challenges and is widely valued by clients for its honesty, sincerity, wholehearted dedication, and constant listening to support customers.

“I remember the D***** project, my first project at NTQ. Due to my lack of experience, I accidentally agreed to conditions that required us to fulfill all customer requests at an unreasonable cost. As a result, the team’s costs soared, and other duties were added, putting further strain on the project team. However, the project team remained determined at the time, even willing to add more expert resources to the project without regard for financial loss to ensure progress and quality for the customer. That alone astounded me about the spirit of NTQ,” Bae said.

“NTQ Korea is where I can strive to become a better version of myself.”

When joining NTQ Korea, Bae took on several job tasks to become more proficient swiftly. She worked in sales, developing relationships, and extending client projects while also handling legal contracts, accounting, and human resources chores. Bae shared, “The working environment of Korean companies has clear operational processes, and each individual tends to perform a very specific and small role.  As a result, the scope of labor is generally monotonous, with few opportunities for proactivity and originality. On the contrary, in the diverse and dynamic environment at NTQ, employees are assigned various missions and encouraged to contribute more passionately.”

Bae admitted, “When accompanying the boss to meet clients for the first time, I didn’t know what to do, didn’t understand what everyone was saying, and was so stressed that I wanted to faint. But I had the solid shoulders of Boss Chanmi and Dung to lean on when I was struggling to find a way. Boss Chanmi showed me how to introduce myself confidently, advise clients, negotiate skills and prices, and so on. Boss Dung assisted me with technology expertise and was always willing to help to the best of his ability. These mentors supported me initially, and I steadily improved my skills.”

Not only did Bae lean on knowledge carefully, but she also remained excited and contributed her best effort for common outcomes. Even frigid snowstorms couldn’t keep Bae and Chanmi from customer appointments far from the city center. To make the signing ceremony as impressive as possible, the two girls meticulously prepared every document and piece of equipment, such as tablecloths, flowers, etc. That made customers exclaim due to two women with big backpacks traversing hundreds of kilometers. “Did you bring all these things from Seoul down here?”

Hyun Na Bae has reaped numerous sweet fruits after a period of learning. At NTQ Korea, she is currently in charge of large-scale projects with numerous international organizations. Along with Boss Chanmi, Bae contributes to the aim of the development of NTQ Korea by expanding and deepening relationships with clients. NTQ Korea gradually conquers many large enterprises, eventually reaching global scale, such as Hyundai, KB Technology Bank, etc.

Ms. Bae reveals her daily motivation: “In Korea, dedication to the company and diligent working hours are highly valued when considering promotions to leadership positions. While this is not true for everyone, most people value this element highly. However, at NTQ, as long as you have the capability, everyone can excel. That inspiration drives me to love NTQ even more and work daily alongside the leaders to propel NTQ Korea forward.”

Thanks Bae for her sharing. We hope Bae’s journey at NTQ Korea will be full of new experiences and achievements.


*This article is part of the series: “NTQ Rubik – series about NTQ people across the globe.”

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