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16 Jun 2023

Trung Dao

16 Jun 2023

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As one of the core strategies to prepare for the establishment of a new entity in the EU, the business development team has just completed a 4-week business trip to the regions to explore the market, meet up with potential partners & clients and take part in one of the world’s largest tech exhibition. 

Kimmi & Mia, EU Business Development Team, were one of the members joining the trip. Despite the tight schedules and busy timelines, they shared that the business trip was a valuable experience helping them to enrich more expansive knowledge about the markets, with a clear vision to dig deeper into the region.

Let’s find out what they have gathered from the previous business trip to EU regions!

Exploring 5 countries is a golden opportunity to dig deep into the EU market.


This trip’s destinations were 5 countries considered as the most potential markets of NTQ Solution. Regardless of a busy schedule with nearly 12 flights in 4 weeks, with tons of work and preparations for Hannover Messe, Kimmi and Mia shared that these experiences were valuable for digging deeper into the insights of the market and business landscapes in this continent.

“EU clients have high standards of service quality, expertise and clear progression. Through the previous trip, we were able to understand those points better, and get back to demonstrate how NTQ Solution can match with these criterias”, Kimmi & Mia stated,

It was great to see our clients’ “Wow” expressions about the capability of NTQ Solution

Kimmi and Mia proudly shared that they had successfully approached many potential clients while visiting 5 countries in the continent, with some of them deciding to sign contracts right during the trip. Besides, many enterprises felt surprised by the capabilities to execute advanced technologies with high levels of complexity of a Vietnamese company like NTQ Solution.

NTQ Solution is currently partnering with many EU clients through establishing the Offshore Development Center (ODC), considered one of the core strengths of NTQ Solution, which has received positive feedback from Korean & Japanese clients for high efficiency.

We’re all ready to prepare for the new entity in EU market this year


Besides meeting with many partners and participating in the world’s largest technology exhibition, the business trip lighted the pathway for the EU team to prepare to establish the new NTQ Solution entity in this region later this year. Kimmi & Mia shared the same optimism about the plan, and all got ready to realize the goal.

We can say that the trip helped us to further penetrate into the market. Combined with the current experience working with EU client, we’re having a solid foundation to get ready for the opening of new office in EU this year.

After the business trip, Kimmi & Mia, together with the member of the EU team, are working hard to plan and execute the next step to realize the goal! this year”

Gain more insights from NTQ Solution.