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26 Jun 2024

T Dao

26 Jun 2024

We are very excited to announce that NTQ Europe, a global subsidiary of NTQ Solution, and Soubor Applications LTD (SAL), a UK-based IT provider specializing in mobile solutions, have been officially partnered to leverage UK businesses through innovative & efficient digital transformation solutions. 

Within the scope of the partnership, NTQ Europe will be working closely with SAL to research, develop, and implement efficient digital solutions to help maximize business operations & activities in various industries. This includes a wide range of service offerings tailored to different needs, ranging from IT consulting, and software development to new technology implementations & platform transformation. 

The partnership is a comprehensive combination of both companies’ key competencies. NTQ Europe will be leveraging its deep experience in delivering large-scale successful IT projects for global clients, along with the expertise of SAL in bringing innovation to mobile application development. This allows UK clients to cooperate with a team with diverse tech scales and professional services.   

“By collaborating with NTQ Europe, a well-established company with solid experience in providing successful IT services to global clients, we aim to expand that market reach and enhance our service offerings to the UK. This partnership will enable us to integrate advanced technologies, share insights, and co-create innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our global customer base”, said Mr. Joshua McQuillan – CEO & Founder of Soubor Applications Ltd. 

About Soubor Applications LTD ( SAL, is a UK-based service provider that operates in the software development and technology solutions sector. The company specializes in creating innovative mobile applications and comprehensive software solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses and individuals, with a wide range of choices including Ready-to-go, Bespoke, Plug-in, and New Features Integration. 

About NTQ Europe: NTQ Europe is the 4th global subsidiary of NTQ Solution, a Global IT Consulting & Software development company with more than 13 years of developing ICT solutions and helping global customers untangle their issues. We have been a trusted partner of more than 350 global clients, successfully delivering 760 projects and reaching the scale of more than 1300 employees worldwide. 

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