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09 Jul 2024

T Dao

09 Jul 2024

On 7th July in Tokyo, The Vietnamese Association of Digital Transformation in Japan (VADX Japan) was officially launched to boost the digital transformation cooperation between Vietnam & Japan. NTQ Japan is one of the founding members and is in charge of the Vice President role.

The ceremony welcomed Mr. Pham Quang Hieu, Vietnam Ambassador to Japan; Mr. Takebe Tsutomu, Special Advisor of the Japan – Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance; Mr. Truong Gia Binh, VINASA Chairman; Mr. Vo Xuan Hoai, Vice President of NIC – Vietnam National Innovation Center; along with representatives from Japanese associations, founding members of VADX Japan.

Representatives of founding members at the event

VADX Japan is the initiative from Vietnamese IT companies in Japan, aiming to foster tight cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the IT Industry. Japan’s demand for software development entrustment is more than approx. 30 billion USD/year, while the participation of Vietnamese IT companies just accounts for 5-6% of the total market share. This indicates that there are numerous opportunities for Vietnamese IT companies to grow in this market.

The association is estimated to generate a total revenue of $1 billion by 2025, with a target of up to $7 billion by 2033, contributing to compensating for Japan’s shortage of human resources – estimated at 789,000 people. people by 2030 (according to METI – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan).

In the association, NTQ Japan will collaborate with other members to operate and execute various activities to leverage capabilities, promote trade, and strengthen relationships with Japanese organizations, government, and related agencies.

“The establishment of VADX Japan opens a significant opportunity for Vietnamese IT Firms to leverage competencies, expand partnership networks with potential clients, and contribute to leveraging Vietnam’s IT Landscape in Japan. As a Vice President, NTQ Japan will be actively contributing to help VADX Japan achieve the desired goals”, Mrs. Mizuno Gia Cat, Brand Manager of NTQ Japan, shared at the event.

Mrs. Mizuno Gia Cat, Brand Manager of NTQ Japan, speech at the event

Over the past decades, Vietnamese IT Firms in Japan have been expanding in both quantity and quality. It is estimated that over 500 companies are engaged in providing IT services to Japanese enterprises, with some companies employing over 1,000 personnel. From initially participating in basic tasks such as programming and testing, Vietnamese IT companies have been deepening their capabilities through wide range of new stacks, from strategy consulting to integration of emerging technology AI, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR.

NTQ Japan stands out as a successful example of Vietnamese presence in the Japanese market, as assessed by government ministries in both Japan and Vietnam. Since its establishment in 2016, NTQ Japan has made rapid strides, acting as a spearhead of NTQ Solution in the Japanese market. As of now, NTQ Japan has successfully implemented technology projects for over 200 clients in Japan and globally, becoming a key strategic partner for major corporations such as SB Technology, NEC, Renesas, and Mitsubishi.

In 2024, NTQ Japan made a significant mark with the signing of a collaboration and investment event with SB Technology (SoftBank Corp.), aiming to establish a technology development center with a scale of 300 high-tech personnel within 3 years. This event significantly motivates NTQ Japan towards its development goals for the upcoming period, including reaching a milestone of 300 personnel in Japan by 2026 out of NTQ group’s total of 3,000 global employees, maintaining growth rates of 40%-50% as seen in recent years.

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