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31 Oct 2022

Trung Dao

31 Oct 2022

Last October 26th-28th, NTQ Japan participated in the Japan IT Week exhibition and marked a strong impression with emerging digital transformation solutions. It’s also the first time NTQ Japan has officially introduced Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology (AR, VR, Simulation), attracting the interest of numerous global companies. 

Japan IT Week is considered the most significant technology exhibition in Japan, where IT firms introduce their spectacular tech products, and global companies can find suitable tech solutions for their digitalization demands.

Japan IT Week fall season this year is organized in Makuhari Messe Event Center, attracting over 600 large IT companies operating in the Japanese market and more than 50,000 visitors.

At the event, NTQ Japan presented its exclusive and high-performance “make-by-NTQ” products enKomm, iLUTon, and advanced technology solutions that apply the most advanced technology, namely AI, Low-code, Blockchain, Cloud, Agile, and VR technologies (AR, VR, Simulation) The emerging technology solutions, especially the AR, VR, and Simulation demo, attracted the interest of hundreds of participants.

These technologies are evaluated as one of the most emerging technologies, potentially creating many breakthroughs in the future. Hence, NTQ has invested strongly in research and applied them to products and projects, completing a full demo to bring to this exhibition. The AR/VR products developed by NTQ can be used in various sectors like e-Commerce, Education, Tourism, Real estate, Logistics, and Construction.

Mr. Edatsune Isao – NTQ Japan’s Vice Director, stated: “At the event, NTQ Japan’s booth attracted over 300 representatives of global companies, and most of them expressed their interest in our outstanding and high-performance solutions, especially the AI and AR/VR technologies. After the exhibition, many firms contacted NTQ to ask for cooperation that NTQ will be responsible for consulting and delivering technology solutions as well as collaborating to develop emerging technology applications”.

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