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20 Mar 2024

T Dao

20 Mar 2024

Recently, NTQ Korea signed a cloud-managed service contract with the IT company of a Korean distribution group

For two months from the end of last year, NTQ Korea worked with an IT company to conduct a cloud-managed service Proof of Concept(PoC) and received positive evaluation results from the client. In March of this year, NTQ Korea signed a formal contract and doubled the project scale. 

Within the scope, NTQ Korea is responsible for monitoring & technical supporting emergency issues. Clients demand stable sales operations, minimal risks, and agile responses to unpredictable situations. Besides the management service, both sides agreed to implement a new System Integration PoC project. 

This project is another significant milestone for NTQ Korea in this year’s journey. By maintaining an efficient communication approach & professionalism, NTQ Korea has formed a tightening relationship with many enterprise & top-tier organization clients, opening up new opportunities for potential collaborations.

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