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06 Apr 2024

T Dao

06 Apr 2024

On 6th April in Hanoi, NTQ Solution and SB Technology – A subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., organized a signing ceremony to establish a technology development center in Vietnam. The ceremony had the presence of the Ministry of Information & Technology, leaders &  representatives from NTQ Solution and SB Technology, and esteemed guests.

At the event, SB Technology signed an investment into NTQ Solution to serve the upcoming IT projects & cooperation activities of both companies. NTQ Solution will establish & develop a technology development center in Vietnam, gathering top-notch experts and engineers in digital transformation with outstanding competency. The investment is expected to leverage the connection between NTQ Solution and SB Technology, a crucial contribution to the long-term business development strategy of both companies.  

Leaders of the two companies, representatives from Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) at the event

In the initial 3-year period, the development center is expected to attract over 300 high-quality technology personnel. This lays the groundwork to achieve more than 1000 talents in the subsequent development phase, reaching the scale to become one of the largest technology development centers in Vietnam and the region. To achieve this goal, both companies will regularly implement various strategies, including talent acquisition, expert training, landscape, and new technology investment to improve overall project quality. 

Vietnam has been an attractive technology nation for many global enterprises due to abundant skilled workers, superior performance at optimal costs, and advantages from the shifting of the global IT service supply chain towards emerging markets. The cooperation between NTQ Solution and SB Technology signified how Vietnam IT Companies gained a solid reputation in the global market. 

Representatives from the two parties (From left to the right): Mr. Pham Thai Son (NTQ Solution) and Mr. Shinichi Ata (SB Technology) at the signing table

Back in 2019, NTQ Solution began cooperation with SB Technology with a cloud infrastructure development project. The team has demonstrated excellent performance, satisfying clients with high-quality deliverables. This has laid the foundation for the two parties to establish a long-term relationship and realize long-term investment cooperation strategies.

Mr. Shinichi Ata, CEO of SB Technology. stated: “SB Technology is very pleased to announce the establishment of the Technology Development Center in Vietnam, which is operated by NTQ Solution. The establishment of the development center is an important milestone in SB Technology’s long-term digital transformation strategy. By strengthening our relationship with NTQ Solution, which has extensive experience in global development projects, SB Technology and NTQ Solution will create new technologies and services together to deliver greater value to our customers.”

“The collaboration between NTQ Solution and SB Technology is the culmination of an effective and long-term established partnership. It’s also the result of the relentless efforts of the governments of Vietnam and Japan in connecting the countries’ IT industries. We strongly believe that this investment opportunity opens new gates for both companies to grow further, contributing to strengthening the cooperation in digital transformation between the two nations”, shared Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution. 

From Left to the Right: Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO NTQ Solution, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuyen – Deputy Director, Department of Information Technology, MIC and Mr. Shinichi Ata, CEO SB Technology

SB Technology (TOKYO: 4726) is a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO: 9434)*, a telecommunications and IT operator that has one of Japan’s largest customer bases, spanning diverse fields that include e-commerce, payments, and messaging. SB Technology provides Cloud solution, Security solution, and AI for enterprises and government agencies to support customers’ DX and promote the creation of new businesses. In the Cloud solution, the company has a deep knowledge of Microsoft solutions, which has earned a reputation not only in Japan but also worldwide in the award of Microsoft. Having been growing significantly since 2013 focusing on Cloud & Security, SB Technology is expecting to reach sales of 67 billion JPY in Fiscal year 2023.

Thanks to its continuous expansion strategy and a strong focus on technology capabilities investment, NTQ Solution has continuously built strong trust with hundreds of businesses and major partners worldwide. This achievement also contributes to NTQ Solution’s early realization of the goal of becoming a leading global IT service provider by 2026.

About NTQ Solution: NTQ Solution was founded in 2011 with 5 members with a burning passion for technology. Over the past 13 years, NTQ has undergone remarkable growth, expanding its workforce to more than 1300 employees. Headquartered in Vietnam, NTQ operates with a global footprint, boasting 7 offices in 6 countries/regions in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the EU, and the US. This expansion has solidified trust and garnered loyal customers for our services across 20+ countries and territories worldwide. At the core of our brand is the commitment to deliver digital solutions with World-class standards & WOW service to clients.

*  SoftBank Corp. is one of the largest telecommunications carriers with over 40 million mobile subscribers in Japan. In line with its “Beyond Carrier” growth strategy, SoftBank Corp. is actively expanding into a wide range of new IT business sectors while growing its telecommunications business.
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