This March, Cafebiz - a Vietnamese popular news page - named DentalFlow as an outstanding dental digital transformation solution in Vietnam.

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Traditional management methods make it difficult for clinics to deliver good customer service or expand, especially in the booming digital transformation and fierce competition in the dental industry. DentalFlow - the dental management software developed by the industry's leading dentist- was built in NTQ Solution's digital transformation ecosystem for the healthcare industry. DentalFlow assists dentists in efficiently controlling professional quality, increasing customer satisfaction, and optimizing operating costs by addressing the clinic's core problems.

DentalFlow delves deeply into clinic core problems such as process management and standardization of electronic medical records, appointment management, payment management, and customer care management. DentalFlow has already attracted more than 70 large and high reputation dental clinic customers only six months since its establishment.
"DentalFlow assists my clinic in organizing all of the information in a logical and convenient manner. I can review the patient's medical records with accompanying details, following a list of patients who need to be rescheduled, as well as the status of their treatment." - Mrs. Pham Kim Oanh, iMed Dental Manager, shared.

DentalFlow strives to become the leading solution provider in Vietnam's dental industry in the next five years - Top 1 dental ERP. To achieve this goal, DentalFlow has been conducting research, testing, and integrating emerging technologies in the product development stage, including applying AI. The AI technology in the product is expected to reduce analysis and operation time while providing accurate data and results for each specific case.

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