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05 Jun 2024

T Dao

05 Jun 2024

We’re excited to announce that NTQ APAC is officially collaborating with SF Supply Chain, a leading service provider in logistics & supply chain, to introduce a unique one-stop solution that empowers E-commerce businesses for global expansion.

Many companies face numerous challenges while developing efficient E-commerce solutions, from identifying market insights, and seeking suitable logistic & IT partners to executing go-to-market strategies. This unique & packaged solution is designed to help businesses tackle these challenges, ensuring a successful launching & operation as they are extending to a global scale. 

Combining NTQ APAC’s technical expertise and SF Supply Chain’s extensive logistic networks, the solution offers comprehensive packages that enhance businesses’ supply chain efficiency, including warehousing & inventory management, branding & packaging solutions, tech integration & IT development. These are the crucial steps to help businesses facilitate a solid position in the new market, contributing to future growth & expansion. 

Not only cultivating optimal practices, NTQ APAC and SF Supply Chain aim to accompany clients on their journey to global expansion, starting from Hong Kong – The strategic heart of Asia. Through a diverse understanding of this dynamic city thanks to a long-term entity establishment, we’re capable of helping businesses strengthen their brand presence in Hong Kong, opening the gateway to enter the vibrant APAC markets and other neighboring regions. 

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