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25 Jan 2024

T Dao

25 Jan 2024

On 15th January in Hanoi, the signing ceremony between NTEX – A subsidiary of NTQ Solution specializing in electronic device manufacturing, and Social Area Networks Co. Ltd. (SOCAN) – Japanese IoT Manufacturer under the management of Ai Holdings Corporation, was successfully concluded. Both companies aim to leverage electronic device production capabilities, focusing on expanding business scopes to the Southeast Asia (SEA) region as the most important market, including Vietnam.

The two companies have produced cases for a product with a distribution demand of over 20,000 units for the Japanese market. Within the scope of the signed cooperation, SOCAN will accompany NTEX in launching a local manufacturing site for Ai-Glies series, an air conditioning energy control system expected to be introduced in the SEA market in the near future.

Representatives of NTEX and SOCAN at the NTQ Solution’s Office

In reality, SOCAN and NTEX, along with HOLONS, have previously collaborated on various device component manufacturing projects for multiple IoT products & network devices that have been widely distributed in the market. Building on this success, both companies express confidence and unity in cooperation to maximize their capabilities, expand the scale of services and IoT solutions in Asia.

This collaborative achievement marks a significant step forward for NTEX in its strategy to strengthen its capabilities in the market. Currently, NTEX collaborates with over 100 factories and manufacturing partners in Vietnam, making a substantial contribution to the success of NTQ Solution over the years.

Mr. Morita Takaaki – Representative of SOCAN shared: “Through NTEX, we can realize our goal of expanding business in the Southeast Asia region by establishing a localized production in Vietnam, one of the crucial entrances to this potential market. In the long-term progress, NTEX and SOCAN aim to expand our scopes further in digital transformation and software development.”

About NTEX: NTEX is a subsidiary of NTQ Solution, specializing in comprehensive product development for businesses and manufacturers. This includes component design, circuit boards, and application details for various technological products like IoT and auxiliary devices. With a network of over 100 manufacturing partners in Vietnam and worldwide, NTEX has actively participated in the deployment and successful production of tens of thousands of exported products, significantly impacting the international market. Notable examples include the iLuton security card, the Solar Box auxiliary sensor, and the E-Sensor.

About Social Area Networks Co., Ltd. (SOCAN): Social Area Networks Co., Ltd. (SOCAN) is an IoT device development company under Ai Holdings Corporation, a conglomerate in developing and manufacturing smart technology devices and sensors in Japan. SOCAN provides diverse integrated IoT solutions for businesses, including Live Location Services, products for monitoring and controlling CO2 levels, electronic cards, and integrated devices. SOCAN’s solutions have the capability to meet the needs of various business sectors such as aviation, transportation, logistics, and many more.

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