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03 May 2024

T Dao

03 May 2024

On 26th April, Mr. Pham Thanh Nam, CEO of NTQ Japan, was honored to be an invited speaker at the Vietnam Festival 2024 Osaka Economic Seminar and Networking Session. Organized by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka, the event aimed to bring opportunities for businesses to connect & explore investment potentials, contributing initiatives to leverage the economic bridge between Vietnam and Japan. 

In a discussion about the topic “Maximizing a cost-effective digital transformation (DX) strategy through partnering with Vietnam IT companies”, Mr. Pham Thanh Nam highlighted the benefits of DX to long-term business growth, while coming along with a high cost of implementation. Consequently, many global companies & enterprises seek IT service providers in other countries with a cost-effective approach. The IT collaboration between Vietnam & Japan businesses can be seen as one of the most notable examples of this trend. 

Following the talk, NTQ Japan’s CEO addressed the key advantages that make Vietnam the top IT destination in the global market, including abundant resources, high-quality competencies, and cost-effective tactics. He also mentioned the investment event between NTQ Solution and SB Technology, representing the typical example of how Vietnam’s IT Landscape has been significantly improving its position on the global scale. 

The discussion left an impressive remark with insightful aspects on efficient digital transformation for businesses at the event. With this contribution, NTQ Japan is showing a commitment to accompany businesses, ministries & governance authorities in boosting collaboration in IT sectors between Vietnam & Japan.


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