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06 Jan 2023

Trung Dao

06 Jan 2023

In 2022, NTQ Solution, with the slogan “SPEED UP,” has achieved many positive results in terms of revenue, employee size, and the number of customers and partners. In 2022, we also have strengthened the operation system and important position to be ready for all upcoming opportunities.

Entering 2023, NTQ Solution is determined to reach out even more strongly to affirm its position as an international IT Service Provider with the slogan “BEYOND GLOBAL”.

NTQ Solution was officially globalized with the establishment of the NTQ Japan branch in 2016. Since then, the company has continuously opened two new branches in Korea and Hong Kong, actively improving our capability of providing high-quality products and services, affirming our commitment to deliver “world-class” quality solutions for our customers.

With that foundation, the coming 2023 will be our breakthrough year when NTQ Solution steps out of the safe zone and explores new markets, in which establishing a new branch in Europe would be the first step. In addition, in the important markets where NTQ Solution has a presence, such as Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong, business development and brand promotion will be more focused on than ever. To develop overseas branches, we will not only expand the business scale, increasing the number of employees but also actively open new offices, deeper collaborate with local organizations, enhance the quality of products and services, and especially send more key members and talents to work onsite in these countries. When our key members have more opportunities to work internationally, NTQ provides development opportunities for employees and builds a strong OneTeam within NTQ Group and between NTQ and our customers.

Thereby, NTQ Solution not only brings NTQ products, services, and people further, affirming its capacity and enhancing its influence in the international arena, but also expanding opportunities for extensive cooperation with international enterprises in all five continents. And from these collaborations, NTQ Solution will further perfect the technology ecosystem it is building, creating more practical and sustainable values for the community.


“BEYOND GLOBAL” is not only “GO GLOBAL.” “BEYOND GLOBAL” means that we will globalize furtherstronger: reach further, and go deeper in quantity and quality in each market through upgrading and delivering the leading products, services, and NTQ people to more local markets. This goal only can be achieved when all members of NTQ are agile, ready, urgent, and more fierce to continually improve our capability to deliver “world-class” quality service.

With the “Beyond Global” strategy, NTQ Solution is actively building a solid foundation for our future, in which we will go bolder and deeper in the markets.

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