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24 Oct 2022

Trung Dao

24 Oct 2022

On October 19th, NTQ Solution and EVVO Labs successfully signed a partnership agreement with C.E.O. Pham Thai Son as NTQ’s representative and C.O.O. Vince Chew as EVVO’s representative.

Not only have high trust in the competence of the other, but both NTQ Solution and EVVO Labs also share the same development goal: Dedication to developing World-class products and services to bring sustainable values to the company, customers, and community. Thus, those were the key starting points of this partnership.

Mr. Vince Chew – COO of EVVO Labs – said: “A lot of our services and solutions are built through our collaboration with our partners in all these verticals over the past 14 years: IoT, AI, and blockchain. As big as we will always have limitations if we don’t work with partners. Moving forward, we will use our strengths and tap into your strength to create a synergy and go-to-market strategy together. Technologies are continuously involved, and there will never be a point where you can sit still and things move by themselves. We see NTQ’s uniqueness and believe our partnership will generate different values. That’s where we genuinely want to collaborate with NTQ to embrace that uniqueness”.

Therefore, NTQ. Solution and EVVO Labs decided to become partners, mainly collaborating on the:

– Research and development of advanced technology

– Cross-sell and co-creating technology products and services on a global scale

– Support in pre-sales and operations

NTQ Solution is actively collaborating with global enterprises to develop World-class products and services and building a technology ecosystem that supports connections between companies worldwide. Thus, this event meant a lot for NTQ Solution to help us move closer to our goal.

Congratulations on NTQ. Solution and EVVO Labs!

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