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15 Aug 2023

Trung Dao

15 Aug 2023

Having been cooperating for only a year, NTQ Korea has gained solid trust from Studio 3S for delivering outstanding products with practical values beyond the client’s expectations.

Studio 3S is a technology development firm specializing in technology development for logistics & warehouse management. The company is under the Yudo Group, one of the leading enterprises with over 40 years of experience in the same area. In June 2022, NTQ Korea officially partnered with Studio 3S to develop a Smart Logistics platform serving the Korean market.

Mr. Park Juno, Director of Studio3S, participated in NTQ Korea’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration Event.

NTQ Korea has shown consistent professionalism through actively working with the client to identify the requirements and sharing the same ideas & thoughts. More importantly, the team constantly improved their domain understanding through training sessions and countless client support. Consequently, the team completed the project’s first phase 2 months earlier, with a high-quality result that exceeded the client’s expectations.

“We are really amazed by the outstanding capability, language skills, and analytical thinking of NTQ Korea’s team through the project. They demonstrated a quality that exceeds our expectations, which is truly equivalent to what Korean experts can do”, a Studio 3S representative stated,

The strategic partnership between Studio 3S and NTQ Korea has been strengthened greatly, leading to the expansion in project size by the end of 2023. This is one of the typical examples of how NTQ Solution is cultivating a business philosophy towards productivity & “WOW” service.

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