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22 Apr 2024

T Dao

22 Apr 2024

Recently, 2B – an eCommerce subsidiary of NTQ Solution, officially launched the Super Mobile Sales Channel – a Shopify application that allows users to empower mobile sales channels. This all-in-one application is designed to help businesses maximize their sales performance and leverage mobile shopping experiences for end-users. 

The application enables users to perform various functions, including mobile app creation & customization development to data analytic integration, personalized sales & discount campaigns for specific customers. The application is designed with an intuitive interface, easy to use, and optimized performance to bring a convenient experience for users. At the moment, the application’s key features include: 

  1. Demo Mobile App CreationExperience the potential of your mobile app before launching.
  2. Mobile App Development: Seamlessly create and submit apps to Apple Store and Google Play.
  3. Customizable Home Page: Tailor your app’s home page to suit your brand identity.
  4. Popup Creation: Easily create popups leading to destination pages, placed strategically across your app.
  5. Klaviyo Integration: Utilize Klaviyo for effective push notifications, enhancing user engagement.
  6. Google Analytics Integration: Track user interactions and behaviors within your app effortlessly.
  7. Theme App Extension: To captivate mobile shoppers and entice them to download your app for an enhanced shopping experience, we introduce the Theme App Extension. This feature enables the creation of QR codes on your website, facilitating app downloads.

The introduction of the Super Mobile Sales Channel provides a solution to help business owners and distributors increase their competitive advantage, especially in the growing trend of online shopping on mobile platforms. In the upcoming updates, the application will be integrated with new features, including Apple Pay integration, Live Chat support, Livestream & In-app Gaming Experience… 

With this product, 2B continues to assert its strong capabilities in delivering eCommerce development solutions, thereby consolidating its position as a leading Shopify application developer in the region.

Learn more about the application and other solutions from 2B:

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